A year ago, we told you about Alex Noyer’s award-winning short film, Conductor, which packed the carnage of a Saw film into a blistering seven minutes. At the time, we hinted that production of the feature-length adaptation was already underway. Today, we got our first look at the feature inspired by that twisted little short and we are more excited than ever!

equal parts character cultivation and brutal bloodshed

Jasmin Savoy Brown (Scream 5) teams up with Lilli Simmons (Bone TomahawkGotham), bringing us a story that connects trauma and music in a visceral way. The apparent arc suggests equal parts character cultivation and brutal bloodshed. Noyer explains his new feature expands on the character and universe first introduced in Conductor and “addresses more broadly her journey, focus and motivations. Sound of Violence tells of how her life interacts with its brutal soundtrack.”

In addition to the teaser, sales agent VMI also dropped a brand-new poster by Colm Geoghegan. If that name sounds familiar, Colm’s Scream 5 fan art recently went viral online. Noyer, meanwhile, is probably best known for the highly acclaimed documentary 808, about the eponymous Roland drum machine. Sound of Violence‘s executive producer is Mike Macari, know for his work on The Ring franchise and Fractured.

Check out the teaser and artwork below, and stay tuned for more information!

Haunted by childhood trauma, Alexis composes music through torture and pain. As a child, the brutal murder of her family made her regain her previously-lost hearing along with synesthetic abilities. Now as an adult, she’s told she might lose her hearing again, so she escalates her gruesome sound experiments in a quest to compose her masterpiece. Her supportive roommate Marie becomes the unknowing acolyte to her destructive process.