The horror business is full of verbose claims of new icons and hyperbolic depictions of shock and unease—but it’s very rare that a trailer is shared with us that seems to actually back those claims up. Andrew Pizzo’s feature film debut, Back Road, may very well be that rare exception.

Referred to in its trailer description as a “vomit-inducing degenerate masterpiece”, Back Road is set to make a limited 2-day theatrical engagement at the Hamburg Strand Theater in Hamburg, PA later tonight and once more on October 20th. If you can make it, and have the stomach for it, this could be one worth checking out. It’s worth mentioning that no one under the age of 18 can attend. Further details can be found below:

“Back Road has been Banned from Film Festivals and Competitions Across the Globe for its Graphic Nature! This is the Horror Film Event of the Year! For Two Nights Only, Get Your Chance to See The Film Hollywood is Too Afraid to Release! 

There is Nothing More Shocking, Disturbing, or Terrifying as Back Road. With Mind Blowing Special Effects “Back Road” will make Gorehounds Howl and Shock Even the Most Hardcore Fans!

Back Road was coddled with Love and Respect for the Genre. No Gimmicks Here! This Intense, Brutal and Absolutely Disgusting Film Pays Homage to the Exploitation Films of the 70’s and 80’s. It’s not for the Faint Hearted or the Easily Offended.” 

Sounds like something you’re into? Me too. We hope to have our eyes on this one soon, so stay tuned for future updates as well as formal release information once available.

Thanks to @HitEm20 for the tip!

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