The horror genre is no stranger to the crowdfunding campaign.  Despite being money-making machines, new horror projects always seem to struggle finding funds.  And more often than not, we hear the same pitch: “new and exciting”, “a story never told before”, “shocking and grotesque” ad nauseam via a video on their crowdfunding page.  We’ll meet the director, maybe some cast and crew, and occasionally get a “peek” behind the scenes.  This is the tried and true method, and the people behind Unbeaten Path have thrown it out the window.

John Holowach and company have decided that cryptic and unattainable promises aren’t good enough for your hard earned cash.  Instead, they have taken the time and effort to turn the entire screenplay into an “audiobook” that can be listened to for free on their indiegogo page (found here).  How many directors will let you, the fan, listen to their screenplay before it’s even made?

Hope over to, listen to the story, and you decide whether or not to fund this yeti western.

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