After screening at 120 film festivals in a little over a year, Chris McInroy’s We Summoned A Demon is finally available for all to enjoy–and enjoy you will. McInroy won me over with his signature blend of humor and gore when we reviewed Bad Guy #2 back in 2015. His following release, Death Metal, was also a MH staff favorite and festival hit.

We Summoned A Demon is every bit as bloody, absurd, and downright funny as you’d expect given McInroy’s track record, but this time you’re getting something a little extra. The smooth 80s sound of Bird Peterson’s theme song (titled We S’d A D) and musical arrangements elevate We Summoned A Demon, and McInroy by extension, to rarified air.

Bloody, absurd, and downright funny.

With We Summoned A Demon, McInroy pulls off the horror short hat trick. That, coupled with his involvement in the upcoming Scare Package anthology, bodes well for what’s to come for him and his team. Check out We Summoned a Demon, below, and let us know what you think.

Plot Synopsis:

They just wanted to be cool. Instead, they got a demon.