We’re 106 episodes in and if you’re new here, buckle up — opinions are often not popular.

News is short and sweet this week (just like this post). Film makers just can’t get enough of SLENDERMAN. We’re praying that we get a good religious horror film with THE CRUCIFIXION, even though this one has a lot less Jim Caviezel this time around. There are some great practical effects in THE MONSTER PROJECT, and John R. Leonetti is proving that regardless of the story, he can shoot a gorgeous film. This time with WISH UPON.

In round 2 we take a look at Gore Verbinski’s marathon of a movie, A CURE FOR WELLNESS. It didn’t seem to leave an impact on theater audiences, but perhaps we see it differently. And in an astonishing move, The Modern Horrors Podcast not only knew what game they were playing, but they came with something brand new. Luke dubs it TAG.

You get that and more than you ever wanted on episode 106. Listen, rate, and share!