2015 is barely a thing, but we have already seen several high quality releases. Lucky us, right? Well yeah, but we still have a long way to go! Take a look below at our list of 15 highly anticipated films that you have to look forward to over the next 10 months. The best part? Several of them will be released within the next month or two!

Reversal made quite a splash at Sundance this year. Any time I see “Sundance” and “Horror” in the same sentence, I get pretty excited. So you can imagine how I feel about Reversal. Not only do both of the aforementioned words ring true, but it is the tale of a young woman turning the tables on a sexual predator that has captured her.

If there is one thing we know about women that get free from sexual predators in a horror movie… it’s that they absolutely destroy them in the subsequent scenes that follow. Which I’m all for.


Here’s another one that’s been making waves in the festival scene. Ever hear of a sexually transmitted ghost? Now you have. I have avoided most trailers and talk of It Follows. I want to go in fresh and unsuspecting.

In something as strange as this – I recommend you do the same.


What a mess. The Green Inferno was set to release in September of 2014. After a dispute over marketing, the film was placed on the shelf. Word has it that it should see an August release this year.

The story follows a group of student activists as they embark on a trip to save a vanishing native tribe. Buuuuut their plane crashes and the students find themselves in a fight for their lives against the very tribe they were trying to save.



Clown started its life as a faux trailer that jokingly used Eli Roth’s name. Story goes that Roth saw the trailer and loved it. He then contacted the creators with an offer to actually produce a feature film of their idea.

It tells the story of a father that fills in for his sons birthday Clown using a suit found in the attic. As time passes, he discovers he is unable to take it off…it’s becoming part of him… and he kinda wants to eat kids now. I’m sold.


Insidious is a polarizing franchise.That said, I happen to enjoy it quite a bit. The 3rd installment deserves our attention for many reasons, but mainly because James Wan is not at the helm for this one. Will it remain as atmospheric and suspenseful as always? Who knows. I’m definitely going to have my seat in the theater on release night though.


Sinister remains an unappreciated sleeper in the Horror community. Sure, the story gets pretty far out there – and it features one of the most eye roll inducing endings in recent memory, but it was genuinely creepy. I like that world. We are told that only one character will be returning from the original. More than likely the cop. Whatever. Just give me more creepy handheld footage and creepy kids coming out of boxes and I’ll be happy.



Keanu Reeves is on a fucking roll as of late. This time he is teaming up with Eli Roth to tell a good old fashioned tale of infidelity.

Two women show up on Reeves’ doorstep and a series of events ensue that turn his life upside down. Aw… c’mon Keanu.


If you haven’t seen Resolution – stop reading this and fire up Netflix immediately. It’s a film unlike anything I have seen. It often draws comparisons to others that I feel are way off base. If Spring packs half as much originality as Resolution, then we are all in for a treat.

Spring follows young man in a personal tailspin as he flees California to the Italian coast, where he meets a woman carrying a dark secret.


I have been following Exeter for quite some time. After all, I fucking loved the Friday the 13th reboot and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre wasn’t all that bad either. Michael Nispel directed both of those films. He is also at the helm for Exeter.

I am sooooo tired of possession flicks, but this one seems nice and gritty. Don’t let me down, Nispel.


Written by James Wan (Not directed), Demonic is the tale of A police officer and a psychologist investigating the deaths of five people who were killed while trying to summon ghosts.

I’m not sure of much else, but they had me at “James Wan”.


Based on the award-winning short subject film HENLEY, The Boy is set to be a trilogy of films that follows a 9 year old boy through his journey of becoming an infamous mass murderer.

Its an insanely ambitious project, and I cant wait to see more.



No one really know what the hell is going on with the Martyrs remake, but it doesn’t matter. The original film is held at such high regard by most horror fans, that it is impossible to not be interested. The buzz is very good from the very limited information that has trickled out.

Hell, it may even be done and in post production as I type…. no one knows.



Here’s another one where I’m not entirely sure whats going on. Information is scarce, but DarkSky has acquired the film and will be making sure we all have the chance to see it before too long.

The trailer is super dark and graphic. If that doesn’t get you going…I’m not sure what will.


“TURBO KID is a post-apocalyptic, BMX-powered, blood-splattered love story that follows the epic journey of an orphaned outcast reluctant to be a hero in the wasteland of an alternate future.”

What the FUCK does that even mean? No clue, but I’ll be damned if Turbo Kid isn’t sporting some major “bad-ass” factor. We have shared several clips and trailers. Things look better each time.


Okay, I couldn’t help putting Cub in the #1 spot. It seems as if I have been waiting for ages on this one. Word out of festival has been universally positive. Now that it has picked up U.S distribution, I cannot WAIT to get my eyeballs on it.