Ready for Halloween? We’ve got your candy.

We’ve been waiting over a year for news on DRAUG, the dark fantasy horror tale set in the age of Vikings, and now we’ve been blessed with a trailer. To wet your ax and get you in the mood, we’ve even got some cool new stills and a poster below.

It was over a year ago that we first told you about DRAUG. Since then, the team has been working hard, prepping for an early 2018 release. From the same creators of the award-winning zombie web series, The Great Dying, DRAUG does what I love: mixes Horror with the Historical. Draugr (plural) are decaying, flesh-eating beasts of Norse mythology who usually are guarding treasure and possessed of super-human strength. In other words, definitely a handful for any 11th Century villager. Ax-swinging is pretty much guaranteed.

The film is directed, produced and written by the team of Klas Persson and Karen Engman. It stars a great lineup of Swedish talent, including Elna Karlsson, Thomas Hedengran, Lina Hedlund and Oscar Skagerberg.

Grab a helmet, pour a drink and toast with a rousing Helan Går. DRAUG has risen at Modern Horrors.

Sweden, 11th century. A missionary cortege has gone missing inside Ödmården, a huge forest that divides the north from the south. The king sends out his hird to either retrieve them or kill the insurgents responsible for their deaths. Among the soldiers is Nanna, a young woman on her first real mission. Orphaned at a young age she has been raised by the king’s hird and is now for the first time traveling to her birth home, the still pagan areas north of Ödmården. For every step they venture further into the dark forest it becomes clearer that there is something else with them in there. Something evil.