Today is the beginning of fall, so it’s only appropriate that we start hyping up all of the seasonal television shows that will be returning or debuting. Horror has become a trendy thing for network channels to latch onto, and that has lead to some series hitting the airwaves with better casts and sharper production values than some of the big-budget theatrical releases that we’ve been getting as of late. Here are few of the upcoming fall TV shows that you might want to mark on your calendar. Put on your big boy diapers, because you might just wet yourself from the excitement of it all.


Premiere Date: October 7th.

With every American Horror Story season ending I impatiently wait for the upcoming season. Although the show completely missed their mark last season with Freak Show, I have high hopes for season 5. Some people might be skeptical of this upcoming season, but I think this is the show’s chance to rise from its ashes and bring something new to the table. Just like everyone else, I’m unhappy that we won’t get to see the lovely Miss Lange as the main character being a total bitch to everyone; but as a underground Gaga fan I’m excited to see what she can add to the mix. We’ve seen some awesome big name actors on the show, so I’m confident that Gaga’s casting was not made in haste. What can we expect from this season? Well hopefully some Overlook Hotel references, but if the season is half as good as Asylum then I shall be satisfied.


Premiere Date: October 11th

I can always count on AMC’s The Walking Dead to deliver amazing seasons time after time. Yes, I am the freak that enjoyed season two. From the farmhouse, to prison, to the terminus; every season of The Walking Dead has delivered thrills, excitement, and the occasional tear or two. Not to mention every season has outdone the previous. I have no doubt that season six will exceed audience expectation. Morgan comes back this season, the wolfs are officially introduced, and who else is excited to see how berserk Rick is going to be? I don’t think the people of Alexandria have any idea what just hit them. Super excited to see my favorite characters back, and I am already holding my breath just thinking about who might get cut this season


Premiere Date: October 31st

As a huge fan of The Evil Dead, I’m extremely excited for this show to hit television. I am thrilled to see Ash, played by the one and only Bruce Campbell, back in action. Based on the trailer, it looks like we’re guaranteed some awesome laughs and bad-ass gore. Some new characters are also introduced to the show as well; Pablo played by Ray Santiago, and the lovely Lucy Lawless or some of you guys might know her better as Xena: The Warrior Princess. The first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead premiers this Halloween.


Premiere Date: October 23rd

While this show’s ratings aren’t exactly the best, I’ll watch anything that Eli Roth puts in front of me. Hemlock’s werewolf transformation is still one of the best I’ve seen, so it’s sad to say season three is going to be the final season. The show has shown great improvement between its first two seasons, with season two being remarkably better than season one. While it still had flaws, it had much better direction and execution. If the trend continues, then I have a good feeling the series finale will surpass audience expectations. Purely judging from the teaser trailer, it appears a new vampire/upir is in town to join Roman Godfrey this season.  I have my fingers crossed that they won’t leave it open ended or have any loose ends. As much as I love crazy shit on TV – I’m really hoping this season turns down the weird a notch or two.


Premiere Date: September 22nd

Take American Horror Story: Coven, mash it with Wes Craven’s Scream, add a pinch of Mean Girls, and you got yourself Scream Queens. The show had its two hour series premier on September 22nd, and for lack of a better word, it was awesome. It was fun, it was funny, and I love how they poke fun at everything wrong with generation Y.  Some big names are attached such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, and dare I say Nick Jonas. I won’t spoil it for anyone, because I think you should check out this roller coaster for yourself.  If interested, the full episode is up on now.