Currently in theaters, Sang-ho Yeon’s Train to Busan has not only been well received (including our review), but has continued to set box office records in South Korea.  Yet, this wasn’t Sang-ho Yeon’s first foray into the zombie genre.  As it turns out, Train to Busan is a follow up to his animated feature Seoul Station, which made its North American premiere at the New York Asian Film Festival.

Like its sequel, Seoul Station is an utterly devastating take on the subgenre, and an unflinching examination of social issues (full review here).  Despite the transition from animation to live-action, Sang-ho Yeon’s strong vision blends the two films seamlessly.

After having made its way through film festivals like Annecy, New York Asian Film Festival, Fantasia, and Sitges, Seoul Station has been acquired for North American distribution by FilmRise.  While no release date has been set just yet, I’m thrilled that its only a matter of time. Seoul Station and Train to Busan make for one epic, emotionally devastating double feature that should not be missed.

Yeon Sang-ho earns his place in the zombie pantheon with this biting animated feature that takes a look at some of South Korea’s biggest social issues through a tale of a father searching for his runaway daughter just as a zombie outbreak is spreading throughout Seoul Station’s homeless population.

Seoul Station poster