Weekend time… you know what that means… Horror and Chill Volume 3, baby!!! Last week we brought your some great movies and even a chance for a whiskey double feature.  This week we’ll load you up again with movies and drinks that’ll have you holding on tight to your lover.  Whether you’ve been together for years, or this is your first date, you’re sure to enjoy some Horror and Chill!


What to watch?

Sadako vs Kayako is one of those movies that you never thought would be made.  In fact, the movie started out as an April Fool’s Day joke.  If you’ve never seen the Japanese versions of The Ring and The Grudge, Sadako and Kayako are the villains from those films.  This movie brings them both together, and while a bit silly at times, is just a really fun flick.  The film also acts as a bit of a commentary on horror fandom, but these are two horror villains at their best.  Check out our review, get into cuddle position, and hit play on Sadako vs Kayako!

What to drink?

Ah Japan… no drink is more associated with the country than sake.  If you’re looking to have a nice evening in, watch Sadako and Kayako duke it out, and then make out a bit on the couch before saying goodnight then by all means, grab a nice bottle of warm sake and enjoy.  But, if you’re looking to get drunk, see a damn fine film about 2 franchises coming together and keep the date going until the next morning… SAKE BOMBS.  Grab some sake, grab some Sapporo, grab some glasses and get to dropping shots of rice wine into a nice tall glass of beer.  Chug it down and before you know it, you won’t be sure if you’re heading to bed with Sadako or Kayako…but hell you won’t care either.

Amazon Prime

What to watch?

The Girl With All The Gifts is a zombie movie.  Wait wait!  Don’t scroll down yet!  This is a zombie movie that redefines the sub-genre.  This is a zombie movie that stars Glenn Close.  Let that sink in.  Glenn Close chose to be in this movie.  Do I have your attention yet?  Good.  The story will draw you in, and it just builds and builds the whole way through.  If you loved 28 Days Later, you’re going to love The Girl With All The Gifts, plain and simple.  Still on the fence?  Read through our review first, but you’ll be kicking yourself if you let this one slip by!

What to drink?

The description on Amazon Prime states the movie is about “…a devastating disease that eradicates free will…”.  I don’t know about you, but tequila is pretty damn good at eradicating my free will.  But, you’ve got to make a night out of Horror and Chill!  That means, you have to mix that tequila in with something.  What could be better on a hot August night than some margaritas.  Don’t know how to make a margarita?  Fear not, I’ll provide the recipe!

For Each Drink:

Juice of 1 lime

1 oz Cointreau or Triple sec

1.5 oz of Tequila Blanco

Ice Kosher


Wet the rim of a glass with a wedge of lime. Dip the glass rim into the Kosher Salt. Mix the lime juice, Cointreau and Tequila Blanco is a glass over ice. Enjoy.



What to watch?

As soon as I saw The Devil’s Candy hit Netflix, I knew it was going to be part of Horror and Chill.  This is absolutely one of the best movies to come out in years.  Ethan Embry turns in a performance that I, to my discredit, never thought him capable of.  The movie weaves heavy metal, art, family and terror together into a horror tapestry that will leave you begging for more.  The actors have such great chemistry that you really care for them and believe they are family.  Think I’m overselling it?  Check our review, this is a 10/10!

What to drink?

The Devil’s Candy is most likely Jägermeister.  No other beverage has been so beloved and so cursed in modern times.  Did you know you can make more than just Jäger bombs with it?  To get in the heavy metal spirit, why not try an Angel of Death?  You’ll find the recipe below.  Don’t feel like being fancy?  Well then…Jäger bombs for you it is!  Just don’t blame me the next morning, I tried to teach you better.

1.5 oz Rye Whiskey

1 oz Jägermeister

1 oz Averna

3 Dashes of bitters

Cherry for garnish

Mix everything together over ice, stir and top it off with a cherry. Enjoy.



What to watch?

Landmine Goes Click takes some endurance to watch.  The movie is so realistic and so absolutely gut wrenching that by the end you are going to be glad you’ve got someone close by to hold you.  This is true, personal horror.  You aren’t going to get monsters, ghosts or ghouls here.  Instead you are going to get anguish, suffering and a completely original horror experience.  You already know if this is the one for you to watch, but read through our review, and prepare yourself for Landmine Goes Click.

What to drink?

If you’ve ever stepped on a landmine (I really hope you haven’t), I imagine the one thing going through your mind over and over again is “steady”.  There is one drink in particular that requires a steady hand to enjoy properly… the classic Martini.  While there are thousands of variations, a true martini is simple: A chilled glass, 3oz of gin, and a splash of vermouth.  Stir it all together and you’ve got yourself a drink that will not only impress your date, but help you through the emotions that will hit you during Landmine Goes Click.

VOD or Blu-ray

What to watch?

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is the movie you need to Horror and Chill with if you want to be scared.  If you want that classic horror movie experience where you and your sweet little thang grasp on to each other, heads buried in shoulders, hands tightly intertwined, then this is the one for you.  The cast mainly consists of Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch as a father and son, and you believe it.  Add in classic elements such as a dead body, a terrible storm, power outages, and the morgue and you’ve got the recipe for a hell of a good time.  Of course you don’t just have to take my word for it, scroll through our review before picking up The Autopsy of Jane Doe on Blu-ray or VOD.

What to drink?

While this movie is definitely horror, it is also about a father and son working hard.  What is better after a long day of hard work than an ice cold beer?  Everyone has their preference for beer (I hate IPAs…), so I won’t dictate which sudsy brew you decide on… but I will insist you pour it into a glass.  Best part about beer?  With so many types you can get one kind for you AND another for your date.  Don’t forget to offer each other a taste though, either from the glass or from your lips.

And there we have it, Volume 3 of Horror and Chill has come to a close!  Have fun, be safe and remember to come back next week for more movies, booze and good times.