We live in a world where digital privacy, security, and artificial intelligence poses a threat unlike anything the world has ever seen. That may sound hyperbolic, but it’s the truth. The fact is, we have no idea how the whole AI thing is going to play out. And with more and more companies becoming monetarily incentivized to exploit their users for corporate gain, it’s almost certainly going to get a lot worse before it gets better. That’s why the new cyber slasher, AMI, struck a chord with me.

AMI is a customizable digital assistant that exploits the vulnerability of a young, grief-stricken woman in order to conduct heinous acts of murder by mimicking the voice of her deceased mother. It’s a pretty gnarly concept with hooks into popular culture that should resonate with audiences of all walks.

IndustryWorks Studios is handling international sales of the film at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival. We’ll keep you posted as release details become available. Until then, check out the trailer for AMI, below.

Plot Synopsis:

Young Cassie comes across a discarded cell phone with the latest artificial intelligence on it called AMI.  Cassie customizes the AI to sound like her deceased mother which soon fulfills the void in Cassie’s life.  As their relationship deepens, the nurturing and seemingly caring AI drives Cassie to perform heinous acts of murder that AMI convinces her are totally justifiable.