Longtime readers/listeners might remember Jacob Hopkins and I talking about the wild and experimental film, The Triangle, with Adam Stilwell when it was released back in 2016. We were even fortunate enough to have Adam break down the unorthodox approach to making that film in an early entry of our Insider column here on Modern Horrors–check that out here if you haven’t already.

Since then, Stilwell has kept busy with various efforts. His latest, though, has been making quite the name for itself in the festival scene. It’s called The Free Fall, and it looks to be as wild as one might expect.

“The Free Fall is a deep dive into the brutal confusion of a manipulative relationship. A horrific look at obsession and the gas-lighting that can possess us when we’re at our very worst. It’s an important story and I’m really excited for audiences to experience it,” — director Adam Stilwell.

The film appears to be diving head-first into some rather heavy scenarios, but don’t let that stop you from checking out the debut trailer. It’s full of blood, sex, weird masks, nefarious dinner parties, and absolutely dripping with mystery and intrigue. Check it out.

The Free Fall stars Shawn Ashmore (X-MEN, Adam Green’s FROZEN), Andrea Londo (NARCOS), and Jane Badler. It hits theaters & VOD on January 14th from Gravitas Ventures. We’ll have a full review for you soon.

After attempting to take her own life, a young woman must wrestle with an overbearing husband.