Starry Eyes is a very different kind of film, and in a year where everything just feels so….similar, I’m not sure a greater compliment could be given. There is also something very nostalgic about it. An hour or so after the final credits rolled, I’m still trying to put my finger on it. An easy out would be to cite the musical score (which is fantastic), or the fact that it has an honest to god “theme song” – something that used to be a normal occurrence in our beloved genre. But Im not sure that was it.

I have read some classify the film as a “slow burn”. In my humble opinion… that is inaccurate. I tend to use that unfortunate term when something fails to hold my interest, or when something simply feels like its taking forever to get me where I’m going. The first half of Starry Eyes isn’t exactly a horror movie. It’s just a good movie. One that is shaping it’s characters in a way that genuinely had me knowing (or in some cases, hating) who these people were. That’s important, and is often missed these days.

We follow a young woman that is obviously desperate to succeed in the movie industry. She comes across innocent – yet somewhat troubled. This combination had me legitimately feeling for her at certain times. Again, something that is rare as of late. When the chance of a lifetime comes her way – she must decide if she is willing to give up who she is, for who she could become. That…is some real shit.

The acting is quite good from bell to bell by practically all involved. The film also looks and sounds wonderful. When its time to get violent – we get violent. One death in particular struck me as being quite affective. If I’m looking at the film objectively, I suppose I could understand some being put off by the first half. If you are going in looking for a non stop thrill ride – this isn’t it. What you will get is an exceptionally well rounded horror film with an excellent story. What more could we possibly ask for?