I first wrote about TRAUMA back in October. After watching the trailer, it quickly made my must-watch list. Even then, I knew it’d likely be some time before it made its way to North America. The wait shouldn’t be much longer though as Chilean TRAUMA and Argentinean LUCIFERINA were acquired by Artsploitation Film for North American distribution. Artsploitation Film plans to release both films in select festivals followed by Blu-ray and VOD this year.

TRAUMA has a group of women that visit the Chilean countryside for a weekend of fun. The weekend turns nightmarish when a man and his son pay a brutally violent visit and extoll their rage on the group.

LUCIFERINA is another movie about a group of friends, but instead of searching for a weekend of reprieve, the group is looking for a mysterious plant. Instead of a tranquil trip, the group experiences a black mass and a clash with the devil.

IMDB lists TRAUMA’s release date as March 24 in the U.S., so keep an eye out for it. Until the movies hit VOD or your local theater, check out both trailers below.