Longtime readers of MH will likely remember us gushing over writer/director Chris McInroy’s short films, Bad Guy #2 and Death Metal. And while the latter is still in festivals around the world, McInroy is already unleashing another hilariously-grotesque short upon unsuspecting festival audiences later this year.

Fans of his previous works will undoubtedly recognize a couple of familiar faces as they absolutely butcher a ritual… or did they? WE SUMMONED A DEMON is kicking off its festival tour at the mother of all genre festivals, The Telluride Horror Show, on Friday the 13th weekend–as if you needed another reason to get your asses to Colorado. The only question that remains is: When is someone going to throw money at this guy for a feature film?

Check out the teaser trailer below, and keep an eye out for WE SUMMONED A DEMON at a festival near you!

They just wanted to be cool. Instead, they got a demon.