It is that time of year again. Fresh books, new clothes, and slaughter! Whether you are in high school or college, the end of August marks back to school time. In honor of academia, I have compiled a list of the top ten back to school horror flicks! Sharpen those pencils, and take good notes – let’s go!

A perfect ‘80’s slasher. Will you graduate?



Don’t bully the nerd. She’s got super powers.



Both installments take place at University and put a spin on urban legend classics!



In another ‘90’s horror classic, this sci-fi flick reminds us to respect the teachers.



Note to the new kids in town… careful who you befriend.



Gory? Check. Nudity? Check. Sex? Check. Over-the-top cheesy goodness? Double check.



As the remake tagline reminds us, “it’s a night to die for.”



Okay, this is sorta horror/comedy, but the show that it kicked off is the perfect melodrama of vampires and high school.



When a prank goes wrong, revenge becomes killer. Welcome to Greek life.



In both films, Sydney is stalked by Ghostface. Part 1 is set in high school, while part 2 graduates to undergrad. Something for everyone!



Happy back to school time, horror homies! Think I missed anything? Sound off in the comments below!