Indonesia has been doing big things in the horror space lately, and one of the men largely responsible for that is writer/director Awi Suryadi. We first became familiar with Suradi through his viral trailer for Badoet; a film that is, unfortunately, still unavailable in the United States. But even without a strong presence in the US, Suryadi was able to turn enough heads to direct the film adaptation of Gerbang Dialog Danur. The movie was simply titled Danur, and it would go on to smash one record after another in Indonesia.

With that type of success, it’s only logical that a sequel would quickly head into production. And surprisingly enough, Danur 2: Maddah would become even more successful than the first. Jacob Hopkins and I have both crassly referred to Suryadi as the “Indonesian James Wan” due in equal part to both his talent and vision, but this latest move makes the comparison all the more apt. A spinoff from the original Danur has been confirmed as the first entry into the Danur Universe.

The film is titled ASIH (the nanny from original Danur), and we have the debut teaser below:

Coming Soon!