After a week of classic horror, we’re back with Modern Horror’s HORROR AND CHILL VOLUME 6!  I hope you all enjoyed those old movies, because now we’re back with more modern horror, more modern drinks and more modern chilling!  Pull out your little black book, cell phone contacts, or just turn to your sweetheart sitting next to you and tell them to prepare for a night of scares and a morning of hangovers!  Let’s start the show…


Official stills from Adam Green's "Digging Up the Marrow" at ModernHorrors.comWhat to watch?

DIGGING UP THE MARROW is a found footage flick within a found footage flick.  If that isn’t meta enough for you, it was written, directed, produced and starred in by Adam Green.  The movie feels very real, which makes up for some of it’s shortcomings.  TWIN PEAKS fans will be happy to see Ray Wise play the nutjob that Green follows around, and Leland Palmer won’t be too far from your mind.  If you’re looking for a found footage movie that brings something different to the table, read our review and start DIGGING UP THE MARROW.

What to drink?

Summer is ending and brisk nights are upon us.  You’ll be snuggling up together of course, but how about we add a bit of extra warmth with a nice Hot Toddy?  The traditional recipe is mostly hot water with some bourbon mixed in, but I like my version a little better.  Not only will it get you toasty warm, it’ll also get you toasted!  Grab some mugs and sip on some delicious warm whiskey while you settle in for a night of horror and chill!



Lemon or Lemon Juice

Pour your desired amount of bourbon(at least enough to fill 2 mugs) into a sauce pan and slowly warm it up.  DO NOT LET IT BOIL.  Once the bourbon is nice and warm, pour it equally into your mugs.  Add honey and lemon to taste.  Enjoy.

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What to watch?

THE WITCH (or the ViVitch) is a slow burn.  A really slow burn.  So, it take awhile to get where it is going.  But, man, when it gets there, the shit hits the fan.  Trying to impress someone new by showing them a period piece?  Trying to get into the pants of a history buff?  Look no further, this is your movie!  Settle in and prepare thyself for a journey to 17th century New England, made all the more terrifying by thick accents and a goat!  Still on the hand built barnyard fence?  Hit up our review!

What to drink?

In 17th Century New England, people began to grow hops.  And where there is hops, there is beer!  As fall draws near, the pumpkin beer shall flow!  Grab yourself a six pack of pumpkin brew, get your basic white girl on, and drink delicious beer while watching a hell of a movie.  If you’d like to add to the period piece vibe, pick up a few tankards (or renn fest mugs…of which I may have a few…).  Remember to take it easy, beer is a bit stronger these days… or don’t, maybe it’ll lead you and your lover somewhere other than the couch.


What to watch?

IT FOLLOWS is one of the best movies to come out in the past few years.  Not only that, but the soundtrack is absolutely amazing.  A modern horror masterpiece with a villain you’re never sure you can see, IT FOLLOWS is sure to please.  It only follows that you should check out our review, but this is the kind of creepy that sticks with you and has you looking over your shoulder for the next few days.  Maybe you shouldn’t sleep alone tonight… if only you invited someone over to horror and did?  Well then, watch this movie and see what follows.

What to drink?

If we’re going to watch IT FOLLOWS, our drink should follow as well.  That means we’re going to be doing shots and chasers!  I’ll leave the specifics up to you, but here are a few recommendations:

  • Whiskey with a beer chaser.
  • Rum with a coke chaser.
  • Vodka and… anything.
  • Fireball and cream soda.

You should probably tell your date to pack an overnight bag and then hide the car keys.  You’re in for a hell of a night.


What to watch?

THE BOY is our Hulu choice this week and it is just a fun movie.  The twist at the end may just end up being something unexpected for you and your paramour.  Mystery, jump scares, Maggie from THE WALKING DEAD and a creepy ass doll will usher you into a night of Horror and Chill to write home about.  Though, maybe you shouldn’t write home about the things you do on Horror and Chill night… You should, however, read our review and then check out THE BOY!

What to drink?

As THE BOY takes place on a lovely English countryside estate, we’ll need a drink that is just a bit more classy.  I’m sure you’ve seen the rich and posh sip on a nice brandy after dinner.  Well, now it is your time to join them!  Head down to the liquor store and ask for their finest brandy, bring it home, pour yourselves a large glass, and settle in for the classiest horror and chill you’ve ever had!

VOD and Blu-Ray

What to watch?

When I first heard that Jordan Peele was getting into the horror game, I was a little confused and a little excited.  As more and more information came out, the confusion dropped and the excitement grew.  GET OUT is now considered one of the best modern horrors to ever grace the silver screen.  The message is relevant, the horror is deep, and the comic relief is outstanding.  You don’t have to just take my word for it, of course we have a review!  If you’re looking for a really great movie that just so happens to be horror, get out to your favorite movie store or VOD platform and pick up GET OUT!

What to drink?

The most appropriate drink for GET OUT would be tea.  But, this is HORROR AND CHILL not HORROR AND HANG OUT FOR A BIT THEN HEAD HOME AFTER A RESPECTFUL HANDSHAKE!  You’re gonna need something a bit stronger.  I’m going to give you a drink that goes by a few names, but I prefer to call it a Ballyhoo.  Go on, get a little tipsy, you deserve it!

Sweet Tea Vodka



Fill a glass of ice to the halfway point with sweet tea vodka and then top it with lemonade.  Stir and enjoy!

Volume 6 of OG Horror and Chill has come to an end! Make sure you let us know on Twitter and Facebook that you’ve been up to some #HorrorAndChill!  Seeya next weekend for more movies, more drinks, and more good times!