It’s time for your favorite podcast to drop once again! Not even something as spectacular as Halloween was able to stop us from recording. So sit back, unwrap another piece of candy, and prepare to be entertained.

As always we start with a news feed, but this time it is so big it starts before we even officially get there. When we officially get into the news, we travel back to the time of the viking to battle DRAUG. From there we find that IFC Midnight has some GHOST STORIES to tell. The highly sought-after directing role for the PET SEMATARY has been filled by some genre favorites, and we find out that HELL HOUSE LLC 2 is on the way. Long title, but ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE could possibly be one of the better entries into the ‘creature-feature’ subgenre. The people behind the YouTube hit THE WITCHING SEASON is running a campaign to make a feature from their popular short THEY LIVE INSIDE US. Finally we talk about what should be the next horror icon, Art the Clown, and his movie TERRIFIER as well as the next film from the director of HEADLESS which is aptly titled SMUT: THE MOVIE.

Round 2 we talk with David Chirchirillo about his new film BAD MATCH. You won’t want to miss this candid interview where David talks about some of his past movies, some projects that will never see the light of day, and simply having to deal with being “in the industry”. Afterwards we go to a place that we never thought we would go… back to the original HALLOWEEN and the 2007 entry by Rob Zombie. Will our opinions change, or did this viewing solidify our stance? You might be surprised.

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