Fans in fifteen cities across the states can check out Get My Gun in theaters this September. Fans, new and old, of the revenge sub-genre should consider this a “can’t-miss”event. As I noted in my review, filmmakers Jennifer Carchietta and Brian Darwas nailed one of the best revenge films in years. This brilliantly constructed film pays homage to 70’s exploitation flicks while maintaining a contemporary perspective. A complete list of cities and dates are below.

Get My Gun follows the story of, in the director’s own words, “the worst thing that could happen to a young woman just starting out in life” and then makes things even worse from there. A trio of strong female leads caps off a tour-de-force of Tarantino-esque mayhem in a grounded, relatable story. For more info, check out our Q&A with Carchietta and Darwas.

– September 1st – Cinema Arts Centre (Huntington, NY)
– September 1st – Coolidge Corner (Boston, MA)
– September 1st – Drexel Theater (Columbus, OH)
– September 1st – 4th – The Globe (Alberta, Canada)
– September 1st – Film Noir Cinema (Brooklyn, NY)
– September 1st & 5th – Screening Room (Buffalo, NY)
– September 2nd – 4th – Clinton St. Theater (Portland, OR)
– September 6th – Circle Cinema (Tulsa, OK)
– September 7th – Little Theatre (Rochester, NY)
– September 7th – New Parkway (Oakland, CA)
– September 8th – O-Cinema (Miami, FL)
– September 11th – Art Theatre (Long Beach, CA)
– September 12th – Film Scene (Iowa City, IA)
– September 14th & 15th – The Music Box (Chicago, IL)
– October 2nd – Alamo Drafthouse (Yonkers, NY)

Get My Gun follows the character of Amanda, whom after an innocent prank, finds herself pregnant and out of a job. On the verge of motherhood and out of work, she becomes the target of a psychotic stalker who will stop at nothing to get her hands on the unborn child.