The home invasion sub-genre has brought us some of the most brutal and terrifying moments in horror and filmmakers always seem to be looking for a new motivation for the perpetrators in these stories. Writer/director Craig David Wallace (Todd and the Book of Pure Evil) along with his co-writer Ian Malone have come up with a particularly interesting catalyst in their new film Motherly. A single mother is attacked, and her daughter is kidnapped by a couple who believe she is responsible for the murder of their daughter. The trailer is spooky, intense, and has me curious how the story will play out! Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Motherly is available On Demand and Digital on November 16, 2021.

A single mother and her nine-year-old daughter try to start a new life after her husband was imprisoned for murdering a young girl. The mother tries desperately to remain in control after her husband commits suicide in prison, leaving her a cryptic note: I KNOW WHY YOU DID IT. Her motherly instincts are pushed to the limit when the grieving couple invades their farmhouse, demanding the truth in exchange for her daughter’s safety.