Can you believe we are already to Volume 4 of Horror and Chill?  It seems like only yesterday that pairing booze with horror movies was just an infant idea inside my head.  Now, it has grown into a mature weekly column on Modern Horrors… pardon me a moment, I must collect myself……….  OK!  We’ve got another great round of movies and booze for your weekend romantic rendezvous!  Thrills, chills, shocks, surprises and one rather topical choice lay ahead of you.  Now, pop that popcorn, grab your drinks, grab your seats and get ready to once again… Horror and Chill!


What to watch?

To say that Let Us Prey is a favorite among the Modern Horrors family would be an understatement.  This movie is well loved, and there is good reason why.  Phenomenal acting, paired with brutal kills, and awesome effects brings to life a tale of terror nearly flawlessly.  Fans of Game of Thrones will see a familiar face, and damn is he scary.  The movie brings in twists and turns you don’t expect, as well as some deep religion.  We’ve loved it, we’ve reviewed it, and now you’re going to love Let Us Prey, and so will that sweet little thing hanging on your arm.

What to drink?

Let Us Prey is an Irish film which takes place in Scotland.  The only option I have is to pair her up with whisky!  You may find a bit of a pattern here, but I just love whisky.  There are tons of different kinds, and I will leave it up to you to decide.  Here are some tips though:

Not a huge fan of whisky or never tried it?  Grab some Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Love whiskey but you’re ready to try whisky(drop the ‘e’ and it refers to Scotch)?  The Balvenie Caribbean Cask will do the trick!

Looking to get pissed(British slang for drunk)?  Bottle o’ Jameson’s Irish Whiskey will get you through the night.

Already a whisky drinker?  Just drink what you usually do… but can I suggest Evan Williams Single Barrel?  It’s amazing and won’t kill your wallet.

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Green RoomWhat to watch?

Green Room is a movie which suddenly became rather important.  This week was full of evil and hatred from groups of “white supremacists” and neo-nazis.  I’d like to just take this opportunity to say NAZI PUNKS FUCK OFF!!!!!!  That Dead Kennedys anthem is played by the band in the movie and should resonate with nearly everyone.  Green Room is not only a fantastic movie, really showcasing what a loss the death of Anton Yelchin was, but it also strikes home how truly terrible these groups are.  We of course, have a review, but we also have a retrospective written in light of the past week’s events that I think everyone should read through.  Enjoy this movie together and maybe discuss it afterwards…unless you’re too drunk that is.

What to drink?

To keep up with the whole “FUCK NAZIS” theme, I’ll provide you for a little drink I like to call the Dead Nazi.  It’s simple to make, a bit hard to drink, and you’re gonna want to plan on your date being around for breakfast.  This drink isn’t for the faint of heart, or those with kidney, liver or may be or become pregnant.  Anal leakage is another possibility so…fair warning.

For Each Drink:

1 oz of Rumpelmintz

1 oz of Goldschlager

1.5 oz of Jägermeister

Pour it all in a glass, stir it around and then drink it as fast as possible!



What to watch?

Hush is one of the most unique movies I have seen in a long time.  It might look like your standard home invasion flick, but it gets all the more interesting because our protagonist is deaf.  The sound design alone really makes you feel her fear.  The movie is surprisingly realistic… no wound goes forgotten and damage takes its toll.  I hope you came ready to snuggle because you definitely don’t want to be home alone after watching Hush.  Now, quietly read our review, and check out a seriously good modern horror.

What to drink?

Ready for a quiet evening in while enjoying Hush?  Go ahead and grab a bottle of wine or two to accompany your cinematic journey.  I’d say a good Merlot would pair well here, but you know your tastes better than I.  Either way, two glasses, a nice bottle of wine and some close quarters sitting will definitely help you enjoy your evening of horror…might even get you to the chill too!


What to watch?

They Look Like People is about the existential crisis plaguing millennials… or is it about body snatchers?  Either way, it is an intense, slow burn that builds into an insanely tense climax.  Sometimes you just want that movie you can sit on the couch with, holding the hand of your best guy or gal, a drink in the other hand just being sipped on.  This is that movie.  Not to say this won’t scare you, but it is definitely paced out for the long haul.  We’ve already gone ahead and reviewed this one for ya, so check it out, call up a special friend, and get to chillin!

What to drink?

Millennials love to drink, but they want crazy new flavors!  Chief among all the millennial booze royalty is craft beer.  You’ve no doubt been into the liquor store and seen those cases of beer with crazy names like “Gandhi-Bot”, “Yeastus Christ” or “Pabst Blue Ribbon”.  Grab one of those.  No no, not that one…there ya go.  Take them home, make sure they’re ice cold, open those bottles up and say cheers to great modern horror!


What to watch?

A Night of Horror Volume 1 is an anthology film created for an Australian film festival of the same name.  This film has something for everyone.  From the paranormal, to body horror, to demons, to cannibals, you will have no trouble finding something you and your date will love.  I reviewed this one right before the festival and I was excited to see it finally has a VOD release in the US.  Get ready to be terrified through 10 short films by 10 directors while you Horror and Chill the night away!

What to drink?

With the variety available in A Night of Horror Volume 1, you’ve got to pair it with a variety of drinks!  Head out to the liquor store, grab some mixers (coke, orange juice, tonic, cranberry juice) and then head to the front counter.  See that basket filled with tiny bottles of every liquor imaginable?  Stick your hands in and grab two big handfuls.  Now take it all home, grab a random little bottle, find the right mixer, and get to drinkin’!  Sure they say you shouldn’t mix your liquors, but this is your Horror and Chill weekend!  Live a little, what do they know anyway?

Just like that, Volume 4 is here and gone!  Make sure you let us know on Twitter and Facebook that you’ve been up to some #HorrorAndChill!  Seeya next weekend for more Horror and Chill!