Don't "Shush" me, Felicity. People need to know about these films!

This the second of the two films to make our list that even we have neglected to properly cover. Clearly targeting the income disparity, US AND THEM had the potential to turn political and preachy. Instead, however, first-time feature director Joe Martin brings us a violently funny, very entertaining crime thriller. Tim Roth’s son Jack leads his working-class mates into a home invasion gone wrong. British humor is on display in this Coen brothers-esque film, very reminiscent of Guy Ritche’s early work. Featuring incompetent criminals clearly not cut out for hostage-taking, the story winds to a satisfying resolution with humorous results. The trailer is available here, but doesn’t quite capture the level of humor that permeates the film.

MH staffer Jason Almenas is back with another film admittedly on the edges of the genre. From Jason’s review,  “HOVER is filled with clever concepts that are just far enough ahead of our time to feel like Cleopatra Coleman is a futurist worth paying attention to. It’s all very believable. The voice controls, for example, feel like where we’re going to be in the very near future. We’re only a few generations away from speaking so naturally to our devices. The virtual pets are also really original and plausible. I’ll always judge a science fiction movie based on their concept of future tech, and HOVER has a number of really noteworthy ideas.” Ultimately, Jason gives this ‘technology run amok’ film a solid 7/10, putting it into the must-watch group at least for high concept sci-fi fans. The trailer is available here.

Last, but certainly not least, on our list is PRIMAL RAGE. The most fiercely original bigfoot movie since the invention of bigfoot movies, this one hit our radar at Cinepocalypse last year. As I noted in my review, “PRIMAL RAGE takes more of its influences from modern slasher films. … [A] good chunk of the movie is essentially Friday the 13th if Jason Voorhees was Sasquatch.” Yep, you didn’t misread that. Bigfoot is the slasher, and it’s every bit as fun and insane as that sounds. Granted, like most slashers, it lacks a bit of sophistication in the script, but who cares? The action and effects more than make up for any shortcomings, landing this one at a resound 6.8/10. Naturally, you can still check out the trailer, but this one is solid fun for slasher fans or bigfoot fans, or anyone looking for something a little different